I find it challenging to keep up with the changes that occur with this aspect of health insurance. The latest is a challenge to the subsidies offered if you’re eligible.

The thrust of it is that the law requires subsidies to states that are running their own Exchanges. If this suit succeeds in the Court of Appeals, 36 states (which are being administered by the Federal government) would no longer be able to issue subsidies.



It’s one of those time honored treatments that most hospital-based providers are familiar with. The banana bag, reserved for intoxicated patients presenting to the ED or admitted to the hospital. They’ve been around so long, we just take them for granted. But like most things that have become…

Aha! That would explain why most of the drunks I see in the ED don’t have banana bags going, yet most of the people on the liver floor do. Interesting stuff!

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This is, in fact, the most important post on the internet.

Every male should be required to read this.

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please dont say “ew thats gross why do girls bitch about their period” and scroll past because its really the most frustrating thing.

I don’t know when I’d use this story in practice, but it’s just so damned accurate, it had to be shared.

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If you thought the article had funny situations in it, read the Comment section. The contributors really added to it.

Trying To Workout At Home




I can’t stop laughing lol

……there’s just so many things I want to say about this one.

Let the image speak for itself, though.

Saline? Shortage? How goes things in your facilities for supplies (of any type)?

"Bagel-related injuries (BRI’s) send 2,000 Americans to the emergency room each year."

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If anyone says that bagels are better for you, just mention the low injury rate with donuts.


Here is advice for nurses from nurses that work at the bedside who struggle with anxiety. This is real and practical advice.. not from a research study in researchy language, from a pamphlet, or from a doctor that doesn’t know what it’s like to be a nurse. It’s from us.

The ‘hospital world’ that we live in, or actually any type of nursing job (home care, insurance industry, occupational health, legal nursing, forensic, etc.) can be anxiety-producing for the strongest of constitutions.

You can succeed, though.

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Get a call from work (on my day off) asking if I can come in to float to a floor other than my own.
"No thanks; I’m not available (it’s more like ‘I’m good’)."

Get a call from work (on my day off) asking if I can come in to float to a floor other than my own.

"No thanks; I’m not available (it’s more like ‘I’m good’)."

Friday, a 13th.
(Black cat optional.)

Friday, a 13th.

(Black cat optional.)